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Hello, We are pleased to announce that, now FusionTech International is ISO 9001:2015 Certified company. We are all ready, capable and committed to serve you better and better everyday. Regards, Hardik Gohel FusionTech International
Many has struggled to find quality material; those who finds had tried various suppliers. why try, why put money in vain.. We at FusionTech International make sure that the customer gets what he deserves by minimising the stress level of procuring. Ask us Any Machine / Spare you need; we suffice you the proven material / machine with 100% guarantee. drop your queries on WhatsApp: +91 9998 726 203
Soap wrapping machine, sale in Malaysia get best discount on machine. Pack good wrapper. Excellent sealing quality at high speed. Get @Wrappex Gold. Get quote Sale, supply in Malaysia, Sydney, Melbourne, Mexico, Egypt, Nigeria. Buy your machine now from manufacturer FusionTech international.
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#ipack brand from #fusiontech-international produces #pouch-packing-machine #Auger filling machine #detergent packing machine and any #food-packing-machine Get the #best-price-packing-machine now. Send your requirements on Whatsapp on +919998726203
Wanted to Wrap the Soap with rational price solution; Contact FusionTech International for Soap Wrapping Solutions. We have wide range of products catering beauty, cosmetic, toilet, industry.
We're looking for Agents / Representative / Trade Partner for Sale of Machinery & Spare Parts of the following industry. ******* PLASTIC & PACKAGING INDUSTRY PRINTING & CONVERTING INDUSTRY PAPER INDUSTRY SOAP & DETERGENT INDUSTRY AGRICULTURE INDUSTRY ***** We welcome everyone who is interested. mail on
Hiring for Soap Plant Engineer (overseas project); drop CV on
Hiring Sales assistant; drop CV -